Web Structure, Development & Design

A successful website is not just based on the way it looks, but also on its usability, security and how dependable it is. At Crack IT Solutions we have an experienced team that know exactly how to DESIGN, PREPARE AND BUILD websites with all these key factors giving your business the reliable platform needed to succeed. We have designed and developed a wide range of websites for all types of industries, including brochure and gallery websites, e-commerce websites and detailed commercial websites. At Crack IT Solutions we have high expectations of our web developers and strive to reach and exceed our clients’ expectations too.

  • Website Structure

When developing a website for your business it is important to ensure that the layout and flow of your website is easy for all users to use. The structure of your website is also important as it has to make sense and be simple to understand and comprehend. At Crack IT Solutions we have experienced members of staff who are able to help you design your own unique website structure including necessary site maps and even detailed content for each and every page of your site should you require?

  • Site Map

The Site Map is ultimately the core structure of your website so therefore is imperative that this is done correctly. This will ultimately create the flow of the website which will determine how easy and efficient your website is to use from the customers point of view. Every website we develop is carefully constructed to be user friendly giving your customer’s total satisfaction when using your site.

  • Page Content

Website page content plays a bigger part in the success of a website than most people think. Not only is the content important for selling your business and its products or services but it also has an effect on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and rankings of your website too. The simple restructure of a sentence on each page of your website can have a huge impact on its search return on search engines such as Google and Yahoo for example. Crack IT Solutions have a team of SEO experts who know how to structure a website’s content to maximise the search rankings for any type of website.

 “Great research and implementation is required to successfully gear your website to becoming Google Friendly”

  • Website Development

At Crack IT Solutions we have an experienced and dedicated team of web developers that can supply all types of website requirements. Whether you require an upgrade for an existing website or whether you are a new business starting from the very beginning and need a brand new site, our team have plenty of fresh ideas and would be happy to discuss all your requirements and help build a website that will put you in good stead for the future and help you make an impact on your clients and customers. We have web programmers that specialise in Prestashop and Magento websites (e-commerce sites) and WordPress and Joomla websites (general content, gallery or blog sites) so whatever type of website you require we have in-house specialists who can deliver whatever you need.

  • Gallery

Crack IT Solutions have gained vast experience when it comes to building and designing gallery style websites. Gallery websites are a great way to showcase your products, services and other visual elements of your business to your customers. They can also be a good way to promote your core website and optimise your search ratings within online search engines. To find out more about this and how gallery websites can improve your businesses reach, call our team today and they will be happy to explain in more detail.

  • E-Commernce

Building and designing an exciting and attractive website that is also efficient and easy for customers to use can be a very meticulous task. At Crack IT Solutions we take great pride over the appearance and functionality of every website we develop to ensure customer satisfaction is met. Not only do we design and develop the main structure of the website but we also look to maximise traffic flow to your website as well. Our purpose built E-Commerce websites are built for pro-active businesses to help them expand and increase profit levels. Crack IT Solutions have worked alongside a large number of businesses providing them an online platform to sell thousands of pounds worth of products every month and always welcome opportunities to help other businesses do the same.

  • Corporate

Corporate websites or information based websites are a business’ online identity. It is imperative to make that first impression count and to make sure your website stands out from the rest in order to retain interest and keep potential clients on your website. Crack IT Solutions have worked alongside a number of large corporate companies in not only designing their websites but their whole corporate identity. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class service to our clients and paying attention to detail to ensure your company is portrayed exactly how you intend.

  • Web Designs

The design of your website is your chance to showcase to the world who you are and what you do. It is important to take the time to pay attention to detail and ensure you portray yourself in the best possible way. Ultimately your website is the online face of your company and it is a chance to sell not only your products and services but yourselves as a business. The public will form an instant opinion of a company based on its website so it is important to make a good first impression. The majority of the Crack IT team have been building and designing websites for over 15 years and we have vast experience when it comes to techniques used to create functional and aesthetically pleasing websites.

  • Page Designs

The design of your website pages says a lot about your company so is important to make sure the design is appealing and enticing. Our team of experienced and friendly website designers will listen to every point you want to get across to the public and design a bespoke website you can be proud of.

  • Images/Slideshows

The key to a successful website is to get visitors to want to stay and browse your website.
Visual images are a vital ingredient in achieving this. Our in-house team of website designers are able to create images relevant to your business should you require. This goes a long way in enticing visitors to stay on your website. In turn, it is also more likely to make them buy your products or use your services.