Business Strategy & New Business Set Up


  • General Considerations

When setting up a new business there are so many different aspects to take into consideration. Whilst adopting a sensible business model you must also take time and focus your efforts on finding the correct and aesthetically pleasing branding, identifying and using the most cost effective material (business cards and other stationary) whilst at the same time steering the company in a profitable and lucrative route.

Presenting your company in the correct way is an essential part for any business to ensure you are not only successful but also that you come across in a professional manner. Our marketing team has years of experience to offer to any new business and are always developing new techniques to modernise the presentational side of any business. At Crack IT Solutions we also work alongside other companies (YTM Consultancy – www.ytmconsultancy.com) that are able to help in business consultancy and are suitable for those seeking professional advice on how to set up and build a business successfully.At Crack IT Solutions we often have clients ask us to assist them in the early development of their business model. Whether it is logo and business card branding assistance, or some of the additional set up responsibilities, our in-house designers have a wealth of experience when it comes to general design work that can provide valuable assistance should you require it. We also have website hosting capabilities for any businesses that require this for their websites.

a) Online Presence & Recognition

One of the most important ingredients for a successful business is its websites, it is nearly impossible to operate a business that people will take seriously without one. Having a website not only gives you online presence but also allows you to market your business to people all over the world, giving you that reach that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

A successful website comes down to two important factors, the way it looks and its usability. Your website needs to grab the customers attention and make them want to stay and browse your website. It has to be simple and easy to navigate so that the customer does not get confused and can easily click through to find the information or products they require.

Our team of website designers and programmers have a wealth of experience that can assist you in making a website that you and your customers will be impressed with. We have built a vast range of websites for all types of industries, including e-commerce and gallery (portfolio showcase) websites, corporate websites and detailed commercial websites.

At Crack IT Solutions we work as hard as we can alongside you and strive to reach and exceed your expectations!

b) Web Structure

There are three main things to remember when creating a website – design, structure and functionality. The first thing you want to get right is the design. A website needs to be eye catching and appealing to customers who are browsing it. A well designed website will help keep browsers on your website for longer periods of time and help reduce your bounce ratings.

Then comes the structure, it is imperative to have a sensible and logical website structure so that all the relevant information you need your customers to know about is there. Finally, functionality is also key to a great website. No matter how attractive and enticing the design of a website is, if a user has trouble navigating through each page then statistics show that they will never return to that site. A consumers shopping experience for example is paramount!

It is one thing having a good looking website but it also has to be efficient and reliable to make sure you have returning visitors. When developing a website for your business it is important to have a plan and a flow for the website to make it user friendly for the user. Our experienced website marketing team will strategically help build a website structure that is clear and concise for the user and lays out the information in a logical format meaning users can navigate through your website without getting confused.